about the artist

“There’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are
only people who use their creativity and people who don’t.”
-Brené Brown, PhD

I am a former accounting professional, now exploring the creative side of myself that I spent
most of my life denying even existed. What I have discovered during my still young creative
journey is that choosing to tap into and use your creativity can be life changing. Creating
increases confidence and sharing creative work builds courage and resilience. My motivation to
continue identifying and exploring my artistic talents is primarily driven by the feeling of
fulfillment that doing so brings me.
My designs are usually centered around geometry and often, Celtic elements. The symmetry and exactness of geometry appeals to my preference for defined structure. I am continually amazed at the never-ending instances of geometry within nature and the universe, which can appear so random on the surface. I’ve been drawn to Celtic art for as long as I can remember. The infiniteness of the Celtic designs that have no beginning and no end provide continuity as well as a sense of movement. For me, the symbolism and lore attached to geometric shapes and Celtic design sometimes lend an underlying meaning to the aesthetic quality of my work.
Wood, with its many textures and colors, has always attracted me. I love that it can be beautiful
in its natural state and can also be manipulated to create something totally different and just as
beautiful. Choosing wood as my medium combines my love of nature and my fascination with
the technology of the CNC laser. My work consists of multiple layers of wood, each layer
individually designed, laser-cut, and assembled to create three-dimensional art. The layering of
the wood adds depth and texture. Implementing different species of wood and various types and shades of colorants allows for infinite variations. The appearance of motion is possible with the positioning of the shapes, lines and space within the design. For me, these dynamics add life to the once living material my work is created from.
Because my designs are born on a computer screen, my work process of experimenting with
various design components creates a sense of anticipation regarding the final physical piece.
Usually, many iterations and revisions take place before arriving at the finished work. But
occasionally, I am surprised by an initial work that speaks to me and doesn’t call for any change.
This anticipation along with the element of the unknown during the process fuels my creativity.
The sense of accomplishment I experience from creating enriches my life. My hope is that
others’ lives are also enriched by the beauty I hope my work adds to their world.

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